1. I am a student. Can I volunteer?

Yes, students (both high school and college) are an important part of our volunteer program.Joining Hands offers a variety of experiences to individuals interested in participating in community actions on a variety of causes such as education, health, equal rights, environment and rural development. We run a consistent volunteer schedule.

2. How does the volunteering selection process work?

The volunteering process comprises of a selection and interview process followed by orientation and training sessions. The interview process gives us a chance to get to know you, understand your availability, interests and skills. Then, we match these with our open assignments and program requirements’. Volunteers are selected on the basis of their application and reference checks. Volunteers can choose to work in either Joining Hands office as an intern/ volunteer or choose to work with any of the partner NGOs.

Again, we do our best to place you in an exciting and worthwhile position!

3. What are the benefits of volunteering with Joining Hands?

We recognize the potential and capacity of each individual, understand your skill sets and work towards making volunteering a worthwhile experience for you and our partner NGOs. Our approach has proved to pan out as a meaningful experience for those who have associated with us.

4. How can I get associated with Joining Hands?

You can associate with us as individual or corporate volunteers, as NGO partner and as a corporate partner. Since 2006, we have received immense support from individuals, corporates, educational institutions and development agencies. For further details get in touch with us –

5. What are the benefits of a corporate partnership?

Our expertise in understanding the social development sector provides an opportunity to corporates to identify and associate with various NGOs. Participation in a variety of programs such as Workshops and Training, CSR, and Employee Engagement activities are some of the benefits of a corporate partnership. These programs are organized throughout the year.

6. Does Joining Hands receive any financial support from the Government?

Joining Hands is a non profit, non governmental organisation. Hence, Joining Hands does not take any financial support from the Government.

7. Is the donation procedure secure?

Yes. The donation procedure is highly secure. All information provided by you is solely used for internal purposes and is not disclosed.