INCEPTUM: Inter-School Debate Competition, as an event was conceptualised in 2011, as a taskforce of United Nation Volunteers (UNV). The platform was created to make inroads into schools to educate, sensitize and build capacities of our young generations and spread awareness on socially relevant issues affecting day to day existence. Over the past four years, it has emerged as one of the much sought after school event and acts a platform for exchange of ideas, skills, learning and sustainability amongst youth to help them contribute towards social issues.

This flagship event of Joining Hands brings together students of class 9 to 12, eminent personalities from the field of environment conservation, health and social work as judges and various educators to address social issues. All these years, Inceptum has been very well received by prominent schools and supporters. State Bank of India, GlaxoSmithKline, BHEL, GAIA Nutri-bars, Green the Gap, Faber-Castell and CookieMan have been the sponsors in past few years.

In its 1st year Joining Hands as a member of UNV’s Promotion Taskforce organized the annual inter-school debate to promote volunteering in India. We did it in association with WWF on the topic ‘The Green Edge – Innovation and Sustainability’. For the 2nd and the 3rd year, Joining Hands along with WWF adopted the topics; ‘Consumerism affects Environment’ and ‘Food Modernization affects Health’ respectively. Running in its 4th year, we are organizing Inceptum’2015 on the theme: “Environment Protection and Preservation”

INCEPTUM 2015: “Environment Protection and Preservation” has been identified as the theme for the 4th INCEPTUM, which is to be held on August 7th, 2015 at New Delhi, India. To create awareness on issues of environment and sustainable development beyond New Delhi and NCR, this year we intend to host Scholarships and Workshops/Webinars across pan India.

INCEPTUM helps fostering sensitivity and social consciousness; makes the youth aware about the social issues and makes the new leaders of tomorrow conscious towards the same to have a better future.